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To create is to respirate. Motto: Make something anyway. My soul screams of my creation for I am a new born child, still learning the ways of my creator.

Last one for the summer.
Location: Burot Beach, Batangas Ph.
Photo by: Carmel Calix (Me hahaha)
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Artist & Illustrator:

Mitchell Nelson

"Visual Hardcore / Pencil Illustrations"

Pencil Illustration, Coloured digitally

Pencils 5H to 8B, Indian Ink, White Chalk

Adobe Photoshop

"This project was set as one of my final major 
projects at university whilst studying Illustration. 

The project is an analytical piece comparing and 
contrasting two pieces of music from two different 
bands, one band being Christian influenced whilst 
the other takes an Atheist point of view. 

Though being of different social backgrounds I wanted 
to investigate to see how similar or different these 
bands might be. What captured my interest in these 
bands initially were their musical qualities; both 
sharing influences of the Post Hardcore genre. This 
genre contains aggressive and gritty characteristics 
which I would not have expected from a Christian band 
before this project.

From my research I then portrayed my interpretation
of these pieces of music in an illustrative form capturing 
the essence of the over all piece rather than a purely 
literal representation. So rather than necessarily Illustrating 
obvious characteristics, I delved into the heart of the pieces 
picking up on the possibly unheard qualities behind the music,
and capturing their true beauty and meaning.

I have not attached my interpretations to this project, as 
well as which band is Christian or Atheist. I wish for the 
viewers to make their own theories about the work 
and the music and to take the time to investigate the
bands like I have. To hopefully fully understand their



Marina Yarosh

"темные воды"